ADHD treatment

A Guide to Create ADHD Treatment Plan for Children

If you have a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), navigating their treatment options can be challenging. There are various medications and non-drug treatments, and deciding which route to take can be overwhelming. Because of this reason, you need …

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ITC hearing aids

What are ITC hearing aids

In-The-Canal hearing aid (ITC) sits in the lower part of the outer ear, this makes them easy to use and fit comfortably. They are also slightly larger than the IIC and CIC style of hearing aids, so they use a …

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Dental Burs

Dental Burs Buying Guide for Dentists

Dental burs are undoubtedly among the most important equipment for those working in dentistry. Before placing cavity and crown fillings, dental burs are used to remove damaging plaque and chip away at the enamel. Science and technology have advanced the …

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