5 Health Complications You Risk Developing By Leaving a UTI Unchecked

Urinary tract infection, commonly known as UTI, is a common infection caused by a bacterium called E.coli that affects the kidneys, bladder, urethra, and ureters. The common signs and symptoms include but are not limited to frequent urge for short calls, burning sensation during short calls, and passing of small amount of urine during their short calls. Bloody, cloudy, or dark urine with a strong smell is some sign. Some antibiotics treat this condition. Unfortunately, some people downplay and hide it due to stigma. Doing so can lead to the following complications.

UTI Urinary tract infection

1. Sepsis

Sepsis is an extreme response by your body to infection when it releases chemicals in the bloodstream to fight the infection. This process triggers inflammation throughout your body, leading to low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, mental confusion, and fatal multiple organ failure in severe cases. UTI-triggered sepsis is called urosepsis. Therefore, it is best to seek immediate medical attention if you feel the signs of UTI. You can either use antibiotics that you can find by searching treatment for a UTI or see a physician you will find from the search.

2. Kidney infection

If left unchecked, the bacteria causing UTI can multiply in the urinary tract and travel to the kidneys. In addition, the infection multiplying in the bloodstream can lead to pyelonephritis, a painful kidney infection. There is no known time it takes for the infection to affect your kidneys. However, visiting a doctor can ascertain infection through urine tests to check for traces of white blood cells and imaging to check the state of your kidney.

3. Recurrent UTI

The infection can recur if you hide it. Professionals consider these conditions recurrent if it occurs two or more time within six months. Note that you are susceptible to recurrent UTI if you have diabetes, spinal cord injury, or immunocompromise. Cather use, enlarged prostate, and kidney stones are common causes of recurring UTIs. Therefore, taking the full dose is best even if your condition improves. Doing so will fully kill the bacteria and prevent them bacteria from developing antibiotic resistance.

4. Pregnancy complications

When pregnant, UTI can cause complications like preterm labor due to inflammation and irritation in the urinary tract. Low birth weight, preeclampsia, and increased protein in urine are the other pregnancy complications you will likely develop by not treating UTI on time. It’d be best to consult your obstetricians as soon as you feel the signs mentioned before.

5. Bladder damage

This infection can cause inflammation in the bladder, damaging it. As a result, you will feel pain when going for short calls. The antibiotics you will find using search terms like treatment for a UTI can help alleviate the pain. In addition, you can drink a lot of fluids to help flush the bacteria from your bladder and urinary tract. However, seeing a doctor is the best option.


UTI is quite common; hence no need to feel embarrassed. Although caused by behaviors such as irresponsible sex, conditions like diabetes can lead to this condition. Therefore, it’d be best to open up about it as soon as you feel the signs. You will avert the complications you have read here by doing so.

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