10 Reasons to Break Up With Your Doctor

There are many reasons to break up with your doctor. Within our doctor-patient relationships, while we do not take vows, they are still essential partnerships in sickness and health. Physicians who are compassionate, determined, knowledgeable, humble, passionate, and good listeners …

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How to Deal With Unwanted Pregnancy Advice

One of the greatest problems that you and your partner) will face will be dealing with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy advice. You may worry about your increased sense of duty or worry about the loss of your current independent …

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3 Tests for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Here we want to share the tests for patellofemoral pain syndrome. The patellofemoral disease is a debilitating state of the knee. It’s also named “runner’s knee.” It’s just how the kneecap (patella) travels on the thigh bone groove (femur). It’s …

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