13 Best Ways to Cope with Inner Child Wound

Inner child wounds are those wounds that haunt us in life, they remind us of the pains and struggles we had to endure as we were growing up. The same feelings and emotions are constantly weighing on your mind and making you feel sad or low.

Inner Child Wound

When feeling this way, you don’t know how to move on with your life. There is no healing for it. However, with the right attention, you can heal from it. Read on to find out how.

1. Hear your inner child:

Simply trying to get over inner child wounds will not work; you have to understand them first. You need to know that healing is only possible when you understand what the wounds are all about. Take your time and try to reflect on your past.

While doing this, make sure you avoid thinking of your parents or any other family member in an extremely negative manner, as it may hinder healing. You could also understand that not all wounds can be healed and many are best left alone because they are just there as reminders of how strong and confident you once were.

However, there is some knowledge that we can gain from these wounds and there are specific things you can do to heal yourself.

2. Cultivation of self-love is the key:

It is not easy to accept your inner child as a part of you since it has been depleted of energy while growing, so your first step should be learning to love yourself and learn how to set healthy boundaries. Knowing what you are on the inside and feeling good about it, which will make you more confident. This will eventually show through on your surface as well, allowing you to move on with your life with a sense of serenity.

3. Develop a personal system:

In order to heal yourself after a wound, you need to create a system of how you want to heal. You can do this by implementing several methods at once, you can make it a bit complicated if that would help you feel better about what is happening to you.

The idea is that when dealing with an inner child wound, your system should allow for the maximum time for healing since recovery can take a lot of time and require constant efforts.

4. Determine the cause:

Knowing what has caused the wound will help in healing it from its root. You should remember where and when you felt the pain of this inner child through your childhood and how it has been damaging or affecting your life so far.

You should also understand where and when you experienced the healing process and how it made you feel. If your wounds are caused by things that happened during childhood, it is important that you work on the issues as an adult in order to heal.

5. Set goals:

The most important role of inner child healing is to set yourself some healthy goals. By doing so, you will be able to direct your energy towards something productive instead of constantly dwelling on these wounds that have now been letting you down for years. They can be big or small depending on what is important to you in life, so decide what matters most and focus on it right now.

6. Surround yourself with positive people:

To be able to heal from inner child wounds, you need to surround yourself with people that bring out positivity. The more you have this in your life, the quicker and easier healing will become as you will feel more at ease, stop comparing yourself to others and truly feel good about who you are on the inside.

7. Remember the good times:

The best thing about inner child wounds is that they remind us of all the good times we had during childhood. This can be an easy way of restoring your energy and making the process of healing more pleasant since they can give you a feeling of strength and help you stay positive in your recovery efforts.

8. Take action:

This step is quite important; without taking action and doing something about your inner child wounds, you will never be able to heal them. Although it may sound like a big commitment, there are a lot of things you can do during the time of healing.

For example, you can journal about your inner child and write down the emotions involved or you can go on a short walk outside and imagine yourself as a child. These methods are not only very helpful for recovery but also great for keeping your positive attitude.

9. Slow down:

You should not rush through this process either, otherwise it may take longer than expected or cause more damage to yourself. You should take your time to get things done properly. In addition, be sure to keep yourself occupied so you don’t have time to think about the wounds.

10. Accept that it is an inner struggle:

This step is critical in making healing easier. Most people think that when they face inner child wounds, they need to change themselves completely; this is not true at all.

All you need to do is accept yourself as a whole, which goes beyond loving and accepting yourself and feel comfortable with who you are as an individual. In practice, this means accepting things about you that bother you and being able to forgive yourself for any imperfections that have caused pain in your life up until now.

11. Be patient:

Once again, this is very important as inner child wounds are not easy to heal and take a lot of time. There are no quick fixes here, so you will have to rely on patience and determination while working through the process. You should be able to give yourself some leeway so that you can feel good about your progress and be respectful to this natural healing process.

12. Recognize the truth:

You need to recognize that because of the way you were raised, there may have been several things in your childhood that have affected the way you perceive yourself now. This may include some things about yourself that are not necessarily true but due to lack of information, you were not able to make any corrections.

This is a great opportunity to make changes and begin to see yourself as the person you really want to be. To do this, you just need to understand who this person is and how much it can benefit you in the long term.

13. Stop trying to fix something that has already been fixed:

In order for healing from inner child wounds to be successful, you should get rid of negative thoughts that are not serving any purpose. This means remembering that they have already come and gone and are no longer useful or necessary; they have done more harm than good by keeping you stuck in the past when it is time to move forward.

14. Give a shot to mental health therapy:

If you think that it is getting too much for you to deal with these wounds on your own, don’t be afraid to seek help. There are professionals that can help you get rid of inner child wounds and work towards improving your life in the present day with options like trauma therapy or group art therapy workshop.


Inner child wounds are not meant to be healed, but only understood for the purpose of moving on with your life and accepting the fact that you once felt pain and struggles. These wounds tell us how strong we were once before, so know that moving on from them is all about learning from them and setting goals for yourself based on what you want in life.

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