Dr Chew Chee Tong Peter

Dr Chew Chee Tong Peter

About Dr Chew Chee Tong Peter

Specialty: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Languages: English, Hokkien, Mandarin, Teochew

Fellowship and accreditation

  • MBBS (Singapore)
  • MMed (O&G)(Singapore)
  • MRCOG (UK)
  • FAMS (O&G)
  • AM (Singapore)
  • MD (Singapore)
  • FRCOG (UK)


  • Dr Chew Chee Tong Peter graduated from NUS in 1969 on a Singapore State Scholarship and earned a silver medal for pathology distinction. He earned his specialist degrees in 1973 and entered the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as an academic staff member, where he worked as a Lecturer and later as a Senior Lecturer. He completed his doctorate in reproductive endocrinology and was awarded the MRCOG’s prestigious Edgar-Gentilli Prize.
    Dr Chew Chee Tong Peter entered the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology as an undergraduate staff member after the completion of his specialist degrees and began his career as a Lecturer and later Senior Lecturer in the department. He was the inaugural lecturer for the O&G Society of Singapore’s Sheares Lecture and also received a grant from the Academy of Medicine for his study on hydatidiform mole.
    He founded the Endocrinological Laboratory and collaborated with the World Health Organization on Laboratory Results Standardization. He has also been actively involved in both local and international teaching and training of postgraduate doctors in the clinical management of infertility. He has over 100 academic papers published in peer-reviewed journals and has contributed to local magazines and newspapers.
  • Dr Chew has served as a resource speaker at a variety of public conferences, television panels, and interviews. Dr. Chew’s clinical interests include molar pregnancy, labor induction, endometriosis endocrinology, placental tissues, fetal membranes, umbilical cord, breast tissues, and sperm and seminal fluid. His additional clinical interests include male infertility treatment, male and female sexual dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and gynecological laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (keyhole surgery).

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