Dr Chia Kok Kiong Jason

Dr Chia Kok Kiong Jason

About Dr Chia Kok Kiong Jason

Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery
Designation: Head (Sports Medicine & Surgery Clinic), Senior Consultant
Qualification: MBBS (S’pore), MSpMed (Australia), DFD (CAW), ACSM Exercise Specialist
Clinical Interests: Sports Injury Management, Exercise testing and prescription, Dance Medicine, Functional Movement, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)


  • Dr Chia Kok Kiong Jason earned his undergraduate degree in 1998 from the National University of Singapore and his postgraduate specialty degree in sports medicine from Australia (2002). He has previously served as an Assistant Director at the Singapore Sports Council’s (Sports Medicine and Research Center) and as a Consultant Sports Physician at Changi General Hospital. He is currently the head of the Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Surgery Clinic.
  • Dr Chia Kok Kiong Jason was involved in sports injury care, fitness testing and exercise prescription, weight management, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and gait analysis as a Consultant Sports Physician.
  • He was also instrumental in the development and publication of a handbook for general practitioners on exercise prescription (Prescribing Exercise: A Handbook for Medical Practitioners), and served as President, Vice-President, and Honorary Secretary of the Sports Medicine Association, as well as Secretary of the Sports Medicine Special Interest Group. Dr Chia’s clinical research interests include ESWT (extracorporeal shockwave therapy) and biomechanics.
  • He has served as Medical Director for a variety of sports events, including the OSIM triathlon, the Aviva Ironman, and the HSBC wakeboarding championship, as well as the medical advisor for the inaugural Asian Youth Games and Youth Olympics Games.
  • Dr Chia is currently a member of the Olympic Medical Committee of the Singapore National Olympic Council.
  • Dr Chia is passionate about multi-discipline endurance sports, having completed an Ironman triathlon and currently running marathons as a pastime. As a complement to his interest in endurance sports, his professional interests include the analysis of running patterns, as well as injury prevention and treatment. His current hobby is golf, and he is particularly interested in golf injuries and swing analysis on a professional level.

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