Dr D M Mahajan

Dr D M Mahajan

About Dr D M Mahajan

Experience: 35 yrs+
Specialty: Dermatology
Qualification: MBBS, MD (Dermatology)
Clinic: Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha,South Delhi

Clinic Hours

(10:00 AM-01:00 PM | 12:00 PM-04:00 PM | 04:00 PM-06:00 PM)


Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha,South Delhi
Apollo Hospitals Indraprastha, Sarita Vihar,Delhi-Mathura RoadSouth Delhi, India.


  • Dr. D M Maha is an experienced and well-trained dermatologist who is able to treat a variety of skin, hair, and nail conditions. In addition, he struggles with severe dermatological conditions, including cystic acne, psoriasis, alopecia, vitiligo, rosacea, and skin cancer.
  • Dermatological disorders might be minor or severe, but the vast majority are non-fatal and treatable. Nevertheless, the first step in treating any skin problem is to identify its symptoms. These conditions can include aberrant pigmentation, abnormally dry skin, rashes, scales, lumps, and peeling skin. A dermatologist with years of training and expertise treating these symptoms and their root cause is Dr. Mahajan.
  • Dermatologists like Dr. Mahajan may recommend antihistamines, antibiotics, medical creams, gels, ointments, and even medicated moisturisers for allergic conditions. In addition, steroid tablets, lotions, and injections may perform miracles to treat these problems. A dermatologist may also recommend laser skin resurfacing, skin peeling, and surgical techniques such as Mohs surgery for skin cancer in more severe situations.
  • Dr. D M Maha has more than 35 years of dermatology experience. Professionally, he is affiliated with the Indian Medical Association and a number of other prestigious organizations. He is frequently cited as emphasizing the significance of skincare: “Just as we take care of our heart and lungs, we should likewise take care of our skin if we want the best results from its functioning.” He is one of the greatest dermatologists in South Delhi due to his competence and genuine care for his patients.
  • Dr. DM Maha is one of India’s most popular dermatologists.
  • Dermatology and venerology are the focus of his thriving 36-year-old practice.
    He received his MD (dermatology and venerology) and MBBS from New Delhi’s reputed Maulana Azad Medical College.
    In 1997, he served as President of the Indian Leprologist and Venerologist Association of Dermatologists.
    In 1998, he was the first to begin using type A Botulinum Toxin in Delhi and northern India.
    In Delhi, he has pioneered aesthetic dermatology.
    His area of expertise is non-invasive anti-aging treatments.
    He is an active member of the Indian Leprologist & Venerologist Association of Dermatologist & International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, the Indian Association of Dermatology & Laser, and the Indian Association of Aesthetic Medicine ( IADVL)
    He has numerous national and international newspaper publications to his credit.
    Dr. Mahajan has featured in numerous notable news media, and he continues to appear on television, write newspaper and magazine pieces, and be frequently cited in the media.

Dr D M Mahaja Appointment Process

Appointment Number (For Serial): +91 11 7179 1090, For Online Appointment : Click here

Chamber Name & Address: Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Mathura Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110076, India.

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