Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping

Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping

About Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping

Specialty: Ears, Nose & Throat (Otorhinolaryngology)
Tel: 6256 4489
Qualification: MBBS
Clinic: Ascent ENT Alvernia Holdings Pte. Ltd.


Mount Alvernia Hospital
820 Thomson Road
Medical Centre D #08-63
Singapore 574623

Clinic Hours

9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm (Mon – Fri)
9am to 1pm (Sat)


  • Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping has extensive experience managing adult and pediatric ENT issues and is particularly interested in ear and hearing problems, voice disorders, sore throats, neck lumps (including thyroid – salivary gland), and nose-sinus infections. He is also one of the few medical specialists in the region that is certified to incorporate acupuncture into his medical practice. Dr Eng is well-positioned to address all children’s ENT issues, including hearing implantation for the deaf, as a result of his work with Kendang Kerbau Women’s & Children’s Hospital.
  • Subsequently, he traveled on a distinguished national scholarship (SingHealth Health Manpower Development Programme Award) to train with renowned international experts at the University of Toronto (Canada), the University of Wisconsin (USA), UCL de Mont Godinne (Belgium), and Portmann Ear Institute (France).
  • Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping returned to South East Asia and became the first surgeon in the region to execute the Retro-X semi-implantable hearing device procedure for hearing loss. Additionally, he pioneered the otology service and offered laser surgery in the prior facility where he worked.
  • Dr Eng is an engaged scholar and has authored numerous publications. He has served as a reviewer for the Singapore Medical Journal and the European ENT Journal, and authored numerous articles and book chapters. He also served as co-director of the 1st Singapore ENT Laser Course and as director of the 4th Asia Pacific Otology Meeting.

Dr Elliot Eng Soh Ping Appointment Process

Appointment Number (For Serial): Appointment Line Tel: +65 6347 6688 (Open 24 hours), If you require any urgent assistance, please contact us at +65 6347 6688. For Online Appointment : Click here

Chamber Name & Address: Mount Alvernia Hospital, 820 Thomson Road, Singapore 574623.

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