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Dr Lee Hanjing

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MBBS (UK), MRCS (Edin), MMEd (Surg), FAMS (Plastic Surg)


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Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
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Thomson Surgical Centre
339 Thomson Road 03-01, Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore 307677

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Dr Lee Hanjing Appointment Number (For Serial):6251 8884 Whatsapp: 8666 1646, +65 6250 2222.
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Chamber Name & Address: Thomson Surgical Centre, 339 Thomson Road #03-01, Thomson Medical Centre, Singapore 307677.


Dr Lee Hanjing is a dedicated Consultant Plastic Surgeon with a wealth of experience. Graduating from the Guy’s Kings and St. Thomas School of Medicine at the University of London, she embarked on a remarkable journey in the field of plastic surgery. Her commitment to excellence led her to complete her postgraduate training at the esteemed National University Hospital (NUH) in 2016.

In her pursuit of mastery in cosmetic surgery, Dr Lee Hanjing pursued a prestigious fellowship at the East Sydney Private Hospital, working alongside internationally renowned plastic surgeons renowned for their expertise in breast and body contouring procedures. This invaluable experience has solidified her position as a specialist in these areas.

Currently, Dr Lee Hanjing holds the esteemed position of Consultant Plastic Surgeon and serves as a Visiting Consultant at NUH, where she continues to make a significant impact on patient care. She also holds the title of Assistant Professor in the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, a testament to her commitment to advancing the field through education.

As a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore in Plastic Surgery and an active member of the Singapore Association of Plastic Surgeons, Dr Lee Hanjing is deeply embedded in the plastic surgery community, constantly staying at the forefront of advancements in her field.

Her clinical focus encompasses a wide spectrum of expertise, including pediatric plastic surgery, craniofacial surgery for facial fractures, breast reconstructive surgery, and a range of cosmetic procedures such as blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, fat grafting, liposuction, abdominoplasty, and mummy makeovers.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Lee Hanjing embodies a profound sense of social responsibility. Since 2010, she has generously volunteered her surgical skills to provide life-changing corrective procedures to children afflicted with cleft lip, palate, ear deformities, and other conditions in underserved regions like Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Her commitment to giving back to society showcases her compassionate and altruistic nature, making her not only a distinguished surgeon but also a truly admirable individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Lee Hanjing?

Dr. Lee Hanjing is a female Plastic Surgeon based in Singapore who specializes in pediatric plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and various reconstructive procedures.

What are Dr. Lee Hanjing’s qualifications?

Dr. Lee Hanjing completed her medical education at the Guys Kings and St. Thomas School of Medicine at the University of London. She has furthered her training through fellowships under renowned surgeons and hospitals.

What is Dr. Lee Hanjing’s area of expertise?

Dr. Lee Hanjing is an expert in pediatric plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and reconstructive surgery. She has gained recognition for her skills and contributions in these fields.

Where can I find more information about Dr. Lee Hanjing’s practice?

You can find more information about Dr. Lee Hanjing and her practice on the SW1 Plastic Surgery Pte Ltd website, where they provide details about her background and the services they offer.

Has Dr. Lee Hanjing been featured in any interviews or discussions?

Yes, Dr. Lee Hanjing has participated in discussions and interviews related to plastic surgery. You can find videos and interviews on platforms like YouTube where she shares insights and expertise in the field of plastic surgery.

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