Dr Macdonald Michael Ross

Dr Macdonald Michael Ross

About Dr Macdonald Michael Ross

Specialty: Cardiology
Languages: English

Fellowship and accreditation

  • MBBS (Singapore)
  • M.Med (Internal Medicine, Singapore)
  • MD (Singapore)


  • Dr Macdonald Michael Ross is a cardiologist practicing in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospitals.
    His areas of expertise include heart failure, preventive cardiology, and cardiac imaging. He has extensive experience treating patients with complex heart disease and hereditary cardiomyopathies, including those who need system and cardiac transplantation.
    He is particularly interested in the treatment of complex hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes with the aim of reversing coronary artery disease, preventing heart attacks and stroke, and extending life. He is also a board-certified obesity physician with a special interest in the treatment of obesity in patients with heart disease.
  • Dr Macdonald Michael Ross worked as a cardiologist at Changi General Hospital in Singapore from 2015 to 2019, where he was instrumental in the advancement of the hospital’s heart failure and cardiac imaging services. He was the director of cardiac MRI at Changi General Hospital and the director of heart failure assistance.
    He was also a former cardiologist at Greater Glasgow and Clyde Hospital in the United Kingdom, where he worked in general cardiology and inherited cardiac disorders.
    He completed his training in the United Kingdom in 2013 and was named consultant cardiologist at Glasgow’s Western Infirmary. He completed a three-year fellowship at the Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Unit at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in the United Kingdom, where he also earned a second doctorate in diabetes and heart failure. He then completed a fellowship in cardiac magnetic resonance imaging at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London.
    Dr Macdonald Michael Ross was elected a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology in 2010 and a member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2004.
    He was named adjunct associate professor of medicine at Duke-NUS Medical School in 2019. He has been a physician for more than two decades.
    He has a track record of conducting fundamental, epidemiological, and clinical studies, with a particular focus on the relationship between diabetes and heart failure. He has written widely in prestigious journals, serves as a reviewer for journals such as The Lancet and the European Heart Journal, and is a member of several international large-scale randomised controlled trials’ steering committees.
    He delivered the keynote address at the Japanese Circulation Society on the topic of cardiovascular disease care in diabetes. He also served on the European Society of Cardiology’s workshop committee and chaired the ASIAN-HF (heart failure) study’s endpoint committee.

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