Dr Mahesh Narayanan

Dr Mahesh Narayanan

About Dr Mahesh Narayanan

Experience: 18 Yrs+
Specialty: Neurologist
Qualification: MD(Paed); DM(Neuro)
Clinic: Apollo Children Hospital Chennai

Clinic Hours

(09:00 AM-01:00 PM)


Apollo Children Hospital Chennai
Apollo Children’s Hospitals 15, Shafi Mohammed Road Thousand Lights Chennai 600 006 PH:044-2829 6262
Timing MON- SAT (09:00 AM-01:00 PM)


  • Dr Mahesh Narayanan is a well-known neurologist with more than ten years of expertise.
  • He is skilled in treating herniated discs, neck hernias, Spinal Canal Stenosis, Neurosis, Spondylolisthesis (Waist Shift), Brain Tumors, Brain Diseases, Nerve entrapment, and Hand numbness.
  • He is fluent in more than two languages, including English, Hindi, and Tamil.
  • Dr. Mahesh has been published in both international and national journals.

Dr Mahesh Narayanan Appointment Process

Appointment Number (For Serial): +91 44 2829 3333, For Online Appointment : Click here

Chamber Name & Address: Apollo Hospital Chennai, Greams Lane, 21, Greams Rd, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006, India.

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