Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami

Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami

About Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami

Specialty: Geriatric Medicine
Designation: Consultant
Qualification: MD (United States), ABIM (Int Med)
Clinical Interest: Falls and frailty, incontinence, depression, delirium, dementia and deconditioning in the elderly
Raffles Internal Medicine Centre – Raffles Specialist Centre


  • Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami has been accredited by the Specialist Accreditation Board as a specialist in Geriatric Medicine. Her credentials include an MBBS (Singapore) and an MRCP (UK). Dr Nur Farhan is accredited by the Office of the Public Guardian to provide LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney) certificates.
  • Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami previously worked at Changi General Hospital as a geriatrician. She was appointed Clinical Lecturer at NUS and a core faculty member of the Singhealth Geriatric Medicine Senior Residency Program.
  • Dr Nur Farhan Bte Mohammad Alami has experience addressing adult internal medicine as well as acute and chronic general medical problems in the elderly. Her research interests include falls and frailty in the elderly, incontinence, depression, delirium, dementia, and deconditioning. She is also skilled in assisting the elderly with end-of-life difficulties, such as end-stage organ illness, advanced care planning, and palliative medicine.
  • Dr Nur Farhan is a firm believer in patient-centered care and clear communication. She is trilingual and fluent in English, Malaysian Bahasa, and Indonesian Bahasa. She has been featured in local newspapers such as Berita Harian, has appeared on local television info-education shows, and has delivered public health presentations to raise awareness of health issues and the significance of early detection. She is also interested in clinical research, and her work has been presented and published at numerous international conferences, including the American Geriatric Society’s Journal.
  • Dr Farhan has a particular interest in the care of geriatric cancer patients. She holds a SIOG, International Society of Geriatric Oncology, diploma in geriatric oncology. She is capable of optimizing care for an older person with cancer at various phases of the disease. This includes optimizing nutrition and function prior to surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy for cancer. She is capable of adjusting drugs and managing any prior medical issues that may be exacerbated by cancer treatment. She is capable of diagnosing and managing cancer therapy-related consequences such as memory loss, mental disorders including depression, swallowing and eating difficulties, weakness, and discomfort.

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