Dr Tan Yung Khan

Dr Tan Yung Khan

About Dr Tan Yung Khan

Specialty / Subspecialties: Urology
AFFILIATED HOSPITALS: Urohealth Medical Clinic
Gender: Male
Languages: English, Mandarin

Fellowship and accreditation

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Master of Medicine (Surgery), National University of Singapore
  • Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK
  • Fellow of the Academy of Medicine of Singapore
  • Member of the Endourology Society
  • Endourology Fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center

Education & Experience:

  • Dr Tan Yung Khan is a urologist practising at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, Singapore. He offers specialised services of prostate cancers, kidney cancers, kidney stone infections and men’s health problems.
  • Dr Tan Yung Khan is an accredited surgeon with extensive experience in robotic and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. He is also an adjunct assistant professor at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and senior lecturer at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in Singapore.
  • Dr Tan Yung Khan graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2000 and completed his postgraduate surgical degrees at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2006 and a Master of Medicine in Surgery at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2007.
  • After completing his specialist urology training at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in 2010, Dr Tan was awarded the National Medical Research Council (NMRC) Fellowship to study at the University Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The training focused on minimally invasive surgery, the development of novel microparticles in the treatment of kidney stone diseases and studies on new ways to ablate kidney cancers.
  • He also won the Ministry of Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) award and was admitted into the Endourology Society Fellowship Programme at Columbia Medical Center, where he proceeded to develop his skills in endourology and minimally invasive urologic surgery.
  • Formerly the Director of Endourology and Minimally Invasive at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Dr Tan pioneered medical innovations including Greenlight Vaporisation of the Prostate, UroNav Fusion Biopsy of the Prostate and Supine PCNL for the removal of large kidney stones using minimally invasive surgery.
  • Dr Tan Yung Khan has a keen interest in science and has written more than 20 original research papers and book chapters. He won the award for best paper at the Engineering and Urology Society Conference, which was part of the American Urological Association Annual Meeting in 2011. His recent project includes designing a Robotic Device for PCNL, which makes the surgical process more precise and safer. He is also part of the UAA clinical guideline for Urinary Stone Disease and has traveled widely to give talks and show state-of-the-art surgical techniques.
  • Dr Tan Yung Khan has a particular interest in humanitarian relief work. In recognition of his efforts, he has received the Bravery Award for treating SARS patients in the 2003 pandemic, the Healthcare for Humanity Award in 2006 and the Minister of Health Award in 2007 for medical relief work during the aftermath of the tsunami in Bandah Aceh and the Merapi eruption and earthquake in Indonesia.

Dr Tan Yung Khan Appointment Process

Appointment Number (For Serial): BOOK BY Tel 68733800, Fax 68733100, Orchard +65 6250 0000, Novena +65 6898 6898 & Online Appointment here.
Chamber Name & Address: Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Urohealth Medical Clinic, 38 Irrawaddy Road #05-26, Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 329563.

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