What are ITC Hearing Aids

In-The-Canal hearing aid (ITC) sits in the lower part of the outer ear, this makes them easy to use and fit comfortably. They are also slightly larger than the IIC and CIC style of hearing aids, so they use a bit larger battery, which allows them to have a longer battery life, and they can accommodate a wider range of hearing loss.

In-the-canal hearing aids (ITC) are bigger than miniature-canal hearing aids. They fit into the cavum concha, which is the lowest third of your external ear. To insert or remove a hearing aid from the ear, an ITC hearing aid can have an extraction cord for ease of removal. 

ITC hearing aids contain a 312 size battery. A typical size 312 battery lasts on average between 5-7 days; however, this also depends on how often the hearing aid is used, the severity of the hearing loss, and the technology level.

ITC hearing aids

The Benefits of ITC Hearing Aids

There are multiple benefits to ITC hearing aids. They are easy to use, and they are an excellent choice for anyone, from beginners to experienced users.

They are powerful. Although they may look small, ITC hearing aids actually have a lot more power than you might imagine. This is good news for those with moderate-to-severe hearing loss, who frequently need more power to hear the frequencies that they desire. 

Less sound leakage. An ITC hearing aid can be a bit more buggy than other smaller aids, such as IIC and CIC; however, ITC hearing aids are custom-made hearing aids, they should fit you snugly, and they will fully seal up your ears. This means less chance of sound leakage, which can result in feedback.  

It is a good choice for push button controls like volume or memory because of their med size. ITC hearing aids are custom-made for your ears, therefore they will only fit to your ears. In fact, the right hearing aid will only fit to your right ear, and the left hearing aid will only fit to the left ear, you cannot exchange them. Therefore, the chance that you lose them is lower, even when you are talking and chewing.  

Excellent speech recognition. Dual microphones are also a common feature of ITC hearing aids. This will ensure exceptional sound clarity, such as the ease of understanding speech in background noise environments. 

The Limitations of ITC Hearing Aids

  • It is not as discreet as completely-in-canal (CIC) and invisible-in-canal (IIC) styles.
  • Sensitive to ear wax and moisture damage
  • ITC hearing aids might need to be “re-shelled” from time to time, as the ear canal cartilage may change in shape or size.  
  • Possible occlusion effect – none natural sounding. 


ITCs can be used for all levels of hearing loss. To find the best hearing aid for you, it is important to do your research and consult with an audiologist. These hearing aids offer more comfort due to custom fit; hence, users often forget that they are wearing them.

To remove debris and ear wax; whip the ITC hearing aids regularly with a clean dry wipe or cloth. These routines will prolong the life of your hearing aids and allow you to enjoy them functionality.

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