10 Things to Do and Avoid After Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is a predicament that hits individuals regardless of their gender or race. This is particularly challenging for women who have tried several methods to eliminate the issues. Whether waxing, threading or shaving, no technique seems to get rid of the hair for a longer period. Fortunately, science has saved the day with laser hair removal treatment!

Laser Hair Removal

According to research, several light and laser treatments have proved beneficial for hair removal. If you’re considering this method or have already decided to go through it, you must know what you should or shouldn’t do once the laser hair treatment is done. Remember, since you will be going to multiple hair removal sessions, saving this blog would be beneficial, so you can revert to it whenever needed.

So, without further delay, let’s jump right in.

Steps To Take After Hair Removal

1. Apply Prescribed Ointments or Soothing Creams

Your dermatologist will prescribe some ointment once your session is finished. Remember, swelling, slight rashes or red bumps can be expected for the first few hours of the sessions. So, the hair-free area may feel like a sunburn, but it shouldn’t be scratched or rubbed vigorously. You can ask your physician to recommend a soothing aloe vera cream or gel if you need something other than the prescribed ointment.

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2. Do Keep Yourself Cool

Laser hair reduction therapy uses light to get rid of unwanted hair. This means you will feel a burning sensation during and after the session. While this is normal, it is recommended that you keep yourself relaxed by applying a cool compress to the affected area and staying in an air-conditioned room so you don’t sweat and cause extra irritation.

3. Wear Loose Clothing

If your laser treatment has been done over the body, it is highly suggested by the experts that you wear loose clothing. Wearing tight attire will not just irritate the skin due to friction but also trap air, which will then cause further problems in the long run.

4. Be Mindful of Water

Since your body will heal after the best laser hair removal treatment, you must remember to keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or hydrate any other way you want. Additionally, when washing the area or showering, use lukewarm or cool water so the skin isn’t irritated.

5. Wear Appropriate Clothing When Heading Out

While it is highly recommended that you avoid direct sunlight at all costs for the first few days after you’re out of the laser hair removal, you must practice caution when you need to step out. Wearing protective clothing such as a hat will keep your face safe from burning, and applying generous sunscreen (SPF 30+) will also help.

Steps To Avoid After Laser Hair Treatment

laser hair treatment

6. Avoid Applying Makeup or Moisturizer For 24-Hours

As mentioned, the first couple of hours will be slightly inconvenient due to the side effects of the laser treatment. While you should definitely apply ointments, avoiding makeup or other foreign products on the affected area is best. If you have had the treatment done on your underarms, avoid using deodorants or roll-ons as they may irritate the skin.

7. Don’t Apply Pressure or Rub the Area

After a laser hair treatment, let your skin recover correctly by refraining from rubbing, scraping, scrubbing, tweezing, waxing, and other actions that apply pressure to the treated region. If you’re washing the area, avoid rubbing it aggressively and pat dry it to keep it from getting further agitated.

8. Avoid Saunas and Swimming

Aesthetic beauty is important, and while that is probably what leads you to the hair removal clinic, you need to avoid going to the Sauna for the first couple of days. Unless your doctor has given you the go-ahead, you also need to avoid going to the beach because of the risk of exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, consult your dermatologist before going to a swimming pool and gym because chlorinated water will have an adverse effect on the treated area.

9. Don’t Exercise for A Couple of Days

While it’s true that exercise helps you optimize your body and mind, you should avoid practising any strenuous activities for at least 48 hours after the treatment. If you’re afraid to break the rhythm, you can involve yourself in some walking or light jogging. Basically, exercise is not recommended because the resulting sweat will make the sensitive area burn and itch and cause discomfort.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Doctor

While bumps, swelling, and redness are normal, blisters and extreme irritation or itching are not. If you have applied your prescribed ointment and taken paracetamol for pain and the side effects have worsened, it’s time to reach out to your physician. Remember, everyone reacts differently to laser treatments, so you should be cautious when experiencing anything out of the ordinary.

Wrapping Up

Evidence supports that laser hair removal treatments are effective, depending on the area you’re getting them for. While it may be slightly expensive to get rid of unwanted hair compared to other methods, it is more or less permeant and will save you several painful waxing trips to the salon. So, if you’re convinced you need to get the treatment, note these dos and don’ts to avoid unpleasant experiences. 

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